Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Healthy You

This site talks more about health. Some of the information is taken from various books and lessons that I have read; some are from the other sites that I took for you to experience more satisfaction of reading. 
This blog talks about: 
(1) pregnancy, we all know that pregnancy is a part of women’s life, 
(2) Health Tips, when you start to read the article, you can learn so much about health that you haven’t known yet, 
(3) Beauty Tips, where almost all women looking for :)

Just like what I have heard/learned from my mother, that I should bathe warm water (that my body can handle) and after that is cold (very cold that my body can handle, too). Well, I asked her why would it be like that, she answered me that warm water, open the pores of your skin and when you directly pour off cold water, it closes your pores and make your skin look beautiful, moisturized and soft. Although it is not proved by professionals, well, when I actually did this as an everyday routine, it really worked! Before, my skin is rough and pores are big, but now? It is very smooth and flawless.