The Author

"The time has finally come to share our wonderful news that
we are expecting our first child together."

Inspired with Love
by Mark Paul Amaresca

To My Only Child, Who Hasn't Seen the World Yet ,
To Mark, my everything,
To Kate, who supports me as of now,
To all the lovers, singles, committed and whatever status, everywhere.
To those who want to express their feelings,

I create, I think, I dedicate myself
to this blog to inform you...

To inspire people like you,
Thank you for visiting and take some time to look over my articles.
I am very much appreciated for that.

More than I can say to Mark Amaresca, my loving husband and my most important one, your very caring, compassion, and love, inspires me to create such beautiful, informative and inspired words about health to help people, my own inspired words that is written in every page of this article, I thank you for everything my love, I dedicate this to you and to our child, and to those families and friends who support and follow me through my journey. :)

If I've learned TWO THINGS over the past years of my living, it's that;
"KIDS DON'T RAISE THEMSELVES--AND BLOGS DON'T WRITE THEMSELVES" (no matter how long you look at a blank screen).

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