From the moment you suspect that you're pregnant, your life begins to change, just as your body is changing. You're at the beginning of exciting, journey, and if it is your first pregnancy, you're entering a place you've never been before. Find out what you need to know for a happy, healthy pregnancy experience.



Hey moms! I am writing this article to share to all of you what to expect when you're expecting, and for those who are ready to be moms and for those who don't know what to do before you got pregnant or when you're pregnant. I have experienced so much of this "after" I knew that I was pregnant and on my 5th month of pregnancy. So I decided to write an article of which a pregnant woman should do through pregnancy for healthy living! Hope this helps to you!

"Maintaining health is achieving an ongoing process through health care knowledge and practices, as well as personal strategies and organized interventions for staying healthy"
                                             ~Angelica Joy Jovenal - Amaresca

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