Saturday, May 26, 2012

Cold Sores (Singaw)

Treating a cold sore effectively
doesn't have to be a mystery.
You can feel it coming on!
Cold sores bring that uncomfortable
tingling sensation you begin to feel
on your lip is unmistakable.

"Treating cold sores starts by keeping the cold sore clean and dry."
  • If the sore isn't really bothersome, just leave it alone. Make sure to keep the sore clean and dry. If necessary use an OTC cold sore treatment.
  • If it becomes infected - and this rarely happens - seek medical attention to make sure the bacterial infection is properly treated.
  • You know that it's the start of another dreaded sore.
    You've gone through this routine before.
  • First it gets red, then that itchy tingly area
    puffs out into a big embarrassing sore.  
  • For some reason you can't stop checking yourself
    out in the mirror every chance you get.
Why, you wonder, does it have to happen to me?
Cold sores are caused by the herpes simplex virus. It's likely that some relative of yours infected you when you were a child by kissing you at a time when their herpes simplex was infectious.

Here are the TIPS to treat cold sores effectively: 

Replace Your Toothbrush!
  • Your trusty toothbrush can hold the herpes virus for days, re-infecting you after the present sore heals.
  • Get rid of your toothbrush as soon as you start with a cold sore, and after your cold sore has gone, replace your toothbrush for a second time just in case.
  • Don't take any chances. Don't keep your toothbrush in the bathroom. A nice wet toothbrush in a moist environment like your bathroom is a cozy home for the herpes simplex virus.
The moisture helps prolong the life of the herpes virus on your toothbrush, that's why it should be stored in a dry place.

Use Small Tubes of Toothpaste
  •  Toothpaste can transmit disease too, so if you use smaller tubes, you'll be replacing your toothpaste more often.
Protect With Petroleum Jelly
  • Cover your cold sore with petroleum jelly. Be sure not to dip back into the jelly with the same finger you used to touch your sore. It would be better to use fresh cotton buds.
Zap it with Derma Septic 
  • The Derma Septic Cold Sore treatment devise transmits medication to kill the virus where it originates below the surface of the skin.  This is a relatively new technology that has received great reviews. 
All these strategies will make a huge difference. . .
Treat It With Zinc: Several studies have shown that a water-based zinc solution applied the minute you feel that tingling will help with treating cold sores and speed the healing time.

The zinc irons cross link with the DNA molecule of the herpes virus and prevent the double helix from splitting, this means the virus can't get the DNA to help it replicate. Zinc gluconate, available at health food stores, is kinder to the skin than zinc sulphate.

Avoid Arginine-Rich Foods: The herpes virus needs arginine as an essential amino acid for its metabolism, so cut out foods such as chocolate, cola, peas, grain cereals, peanuts, gelatin, cashews and beer.

Correct Your Perception
: No one likes getting a cold sore. But you've got one, so focusing on it and worrying about how you look can make it worse. Cut out your negative thoughts. Tell yourself that it's just like a pimple and it won't interfere in your life in any way

Identify the Pattern
: What was going on in your life just before you got your last cold sore? What about the sore prior to that? If you do some investigating, you just might figure out what triggers a cold sore for you.
  Treating cold sores preventible means when you find a trigger, you'll know when to be proactive and take the most care.
Soften It With An OTC: There are numerous products that claim to heal cold sores. In general, they contain some emollient to reduce cracking and soften scabs, and a numbing agent like phenol or camphor. Phenol may have some antiviral properties, and it's possible that it could kill the virus.

Block That Sun (Or Wind): Protecting your lips from trauma like sunburn or wind exposure is thought be one of the keys to preventing cold sores.

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