Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Facts for Fathers

You are about to go through one of life's greatest joys - the birth of your child. This is a time of change for both you and your partner Here are some ideas to help you.

Your partner's pregnancy
The pregnancy will have more meaning for both of you if you stay involved during the entire pregnancy.

Your partner should get good prenatal care.
She should see a health care provider on a regular basis. Visits to her health care provider can help make sure the pregnancy is going as it should. Stay informed about her pregnancy. If possible, go to the prenatal visits with her.

Help her eat right and stay in shape.
She will need to follow a balanced food plan. This may mean changing some of your own eating habits. Some exercise is good for both mother and baby. Encourage her to exercise. Try walking with her when you can. Use this time to relax and talk about things together. It's important that you and your partner stay away from alcohol, cigarettes and drugs while she's pregnant and after the baby is born.

Your changing role.
As the pregnancy progresses, you will need to take on more than your normal share of the household duties. Make sure she gets a chance each day to put her feet up and relax. Decide now who will do what after the baby comes. Don't forget you are both in this together. Plan to share both the work and the fun.

Your relationship.
There will be changes between you and your partner. For instance, you both may have mood swings. You may feel sad, worried or nervous for no real reason. Try to listen and help each other. Take the time to talk things over. Your sex life may also change.

In a normal pregnancy, it is safe to have intercourse through the end of the eighth month. During the ninth month, and for about six weeks after the baby comes, find other ways to be close besides intercourse. Your health care provider can give you advice in this area.

Sources of help.
If you have questions during the pregnancy or after your baby arrives, try the following:
Talk with family and friends.
They are a great source for information and advice. Don't be afraid to ask questions. Remember, being a parent is something you learn.

Read up in things you need to know.There are many books, internet sites, on pregnancy and being a good parent. Check with your library or bookstore or website.

Take a childbirth classes.
You and your partner can learn together what will happen during the pregnancy. Many hospitals offer free courses. Some private teachers give classes in their homes for a small charge. These classes can help answer any question you might have. They can also help you feel more confident about the pregnancy and becoming a parent.

Keep a good attitude.Few things will teach you as much about yourself becoming a father. By being patient and keeping a good sense of humor, you are well on your way to being a good father.

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