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Tip in Total #33
Next time you’re in the barber’s chair, ask for a hot oil treatment. Your hair will be shiny and pleasant to touch when you’re done!

Tip in Total #34 If your hair is starting to thin out on top and on the sides, use the appropriate products like Rogaine to maintain the hair that you do have.

Tip in Total #35
Sometimes hair re-growth products just don’t cut it, and you lose your hair anyways. When this happens, hair transplants are your best option for restoring hair.

Tip in Total #36
Few guys can pull off the shaggy, unkept hairstyle. Keeping this thought in mind, get your hair cut whenever it starts growing over your ears or turning into a mullet in the back.

Tip in Total #37
While using conditioner might seem like a good alternative when you’re out of shampoo, it will actually make your hair look even greasier than not washing. So don’t ever substitute conditioner for shampoo.

Tip in Total #38
Comb your hair! Even if you have short hair, it can look messy and unkept. Keep your hair from looking messy by running a comb through it after a shower.

Tip in Total #39
Sometimes your hair sticks up all over the place; to tame the strays, use a little hair spray and pat them back down.

Tip in Total #40
Choosing a shampoo that doesn’t leave a residue is essential. Shampoo residue clogs pores on the head, which can lead to scalp irritation or even acne.

Tip in Total #41
While you’re picking the perfect shampoo, look for a product that removes DHT (dyhydotestosterone). DHT causes hair to fall out by restricting blood flow to hair follicles, and will eventually leave you bald.

Tip in Total #42
Another important subject regarding shampoo is dandruff, or skin cells shedding on your scalp. If you’ve got a dandruff problem, you may have to switch to prescription strength shampoo.

Tip in Total #43
Despite what shampoo commercials suggest, never shampoo more than once a day. Shampoo strips your hair of essential oils, so over-shampooing can cause your hair to be dry and damaged.

Tip in Total #44
Even if you stick to shampooing once a day, it’s still a good idea to use conditioner. Conditioners moisturize, strengthen and repair your hair.

Tip in Total #45
If you happen to run out of shaving cream, you can always use some peanut butter to shave. Just remember to hold the jelly!

Tip in Total #46
If you’re completely bald on top, just shave your head. It will look classy, and ten times better than being bald with a few patches of hair does.

Tip in Total #47
Don’t be afraid to change your hair style. Most guys go and get the same hair cut year after year. Ask your stylist for a new and more current style to look fresh and interesting.

Tip in Total #48
If you have noticed your hair getting gray, use some hair dye to liven it up. A professional could easily do this for you if you’re afraid of messing something up.

Tip in Total #49
Even those who aren’t going gray can benefit from hair dye since it can provide a sexy, new look. Do some research on hair dyes by looking at reviews, and choose one that will give you the desired look.

Tip in Total #50
Use hair products. The kind you choose doesn’t normally matter as long as you’re using something like gel, pomade, or even moose.
Tip in Total #51
Keep those hair care products off of your hairline! Leaving gel or mouse on your skin can lead to pimples.

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