Wednesday, May 23, 2012

In the First Few Days After Childbirth

Your baby
  • Your newborn baby may look wrinkled and red.
  • The baby's head may be a bit out of shape from birth and will be large compared to its body.
  • The top of the baby's head will have soft spots in front and back.
  • Your baby's eye color will be dark grey, but may change during the next few weeks.
  • Your baby can focus in your face.
  • The baby's breasts (both boys and girls) may be swollen for a few days.
  • A baby boy may have a swollen scrotum.
  • A baby girl may have a little bloody vaginal discharge.
  • Your baby can respond to your voice, touch and grasp your finger, suck its fingers, and nurse.
 Your Body
  • You may feel tired and happy.
  • You want to cuddle your new baby.
  • You will want to eat, sleep and bathe.
  • If you had an episiotomy, your episiotomy incision will be sore.
  • If you had a Cesarean section, your abdomen will be sore.
  • You may have trouble urinating because of swollen tissues.
  • You will lose weight, as fluid is lost through frequent urination.
  • You may sweat a lot to get rid of extra fluid.
  •  You will have a vaginal discharge (lochia) of blood from the uterus, which may be present for one to five weeks after birth.
  • You will not have milk for several days. Colostrum will nourish your baby until your breast milk comes in.
  • Your abdomen will stay large until your muscles tighten.
Your Responsibilities
  • Hold, cuddle, touch and enjoy your baby.
  • Talk with your partner about the birth experience.
  • Repeat Kegel exercises after birth.
  • Get up and walk as soon as you can.
  • Rest when you are tired.
  • Drink lots of liquids and eat when you are hungry.
  • To increase milk flow, breastfeed soon after delivery and as needed.

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