Monday, May 28, 2012

Taking Care of Body

Your body, with all its imperfections, is sacred. It is the only body you have been given for your entire life. Your body houses all the organs that keep you alive. It gets you around from place to place. Your body pumps oxygen to the brain that enables you to feel, think, create all function. You need to take care of your body like any relationship with a loved one. Loving and respecting your body requires the same ingredients.
Take a look at the tips below:

Daily Attention
To nurture a relationship, you need to pay attention to what it needs. If you ignore your loved one for a ling period of time, what happens? The relationship begins to die. In order to thrive, your body needs adequate sleep, proper nutrition, exercise, plenty of water everyday. Love your body by staying conscious about how you treat it on a daily basis.

Spend Time and Listen
In order to get to know someone you love, you need to spend time together. Your body is the same way. It will communicate with you if you only listen. Your body will tell you when it is hungry and when it is full. It will tell you when it is tired and needs to relax. If you are getting sick a lot, your body is screaming at you. It is trying to get your attention. When you exercise, your body will begin to hurt if you push too hard. Or maybe you are short of breath from lack of exercise or being overweight. That is your body's way of communicating that it is working too hard.Pay attention to the cues your body sends you. Respond to them and see them as signs that something needs to change.

Special Treats
Sometimes you give your loved ones special treats to show you love them. You don't give them everyday because then they wouldn't be special. Your body needs special treats too. Treat yourself to a massage, a facial, a new clothes, or a mocha latte every once in a while. Special treats help vanish feelings or deprivation.

We all need grace at times, and so do you when it comes to taking care of your body. Maybe you do really well on your diet or exercise plan for two weeks, and then you fall of the wagon. For one whole week, you don't exercise and you don't follow a healthy eating plan. That's okay! Forgive yourself and get back on track. You don't have to completely abandon your plan because you didn't follow it perfectly.

Have Fun
Taking care of and loving your body doesn't have to drudgery. Have fun! Find new low-fat recipes that contain your body. Exercise is only boring if you view it that way. Find activities you love that exercises your body.

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