Saturday, May 26, 2012



Tip in Total #63
Just because back hair is hard to shave doesn’t mean you have a green light to let it go unchecked. Buy an extended shaver specifically for back hair to make the process easier.

Tip in Total #64
Sunless tanning lotions aren’t only for female skin. Apply the lotion after you shower, and remember to wash your hands immediately after application.

Tip in Total #65
An obvious tip is to shower every day. When showering, use soap and water on every nook and cranny. It’s amazing how many people out there think that a shower consists of standing under the water for five minutes.

Tip in Total #66
Drink plenty of water because it will make your skin look healthier, and you younger.

Tip in Total #67
Whether or not you choose to completely shave your pubic hair is a personal choice; however, you should at least trim your pubic hair.

Tip in Total #68
While you’re in the barber shop, make sure they shave the back of your neck to prevent it from getting too hairy. Also, check the back of your neck in the mirror from time to time to ensure that it’s clean-shaven.

Tip in Total #69
If you tend to sweat a lot, try trimming your armpit hair. The less hair there, the less bacteria, which will make you smell much better!

Tip in Total #70
David Hasselhoff may have thought his chest hair was hot, but it’s definitely not. If you have what looks like a small animal on your chest, you should shave it off immediately.

Tip in Total #71
Those who have trouble keeping their body hair under control might want to consider hair removal treatments. Laser, electrolysis and waxing are three common methods for taking care of the problem.

Tip in Total #72
By exercising and eating healthy meals, you’ll gain more energy, and become a happier person all-around.

Tip in Total #73
One essential shower product you should always have is body wash. Body wash tones, moisturizes and softens your skin, which are three things that soap doesn’t always do.

Tip in Total #74
Never leave the house without first applying deodorant! Keep a stick in your car or locker at work if you tend to forget.

Tip in Total #75
If you don’t feel like sunless tanning lotion is doing the job for you, perhaps you should visit the salon and jump in a tanning bed.

Tip in Total #76
Don’t become a tanning addict. Tanning beds are great for getting a quick, streakless tan, but over-tanning can lead to wrinkly, leathery skin when you get older.

Tip in Total #77
Just like your face, your body needs to be exfoliated once a week so that you don’t get body acne. Find an exfoliating body wash at any drug store, and make sure you actually use it!

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