Saturday, May 26, 2012



Tip in Total #78
Pay attention to the shoes you wear. You could have the most amazing outfit, but totally ruin it with dirty or mismatched sneakers.

Tip in Total #79
Wear clothes that actually fit you. It’s not only stupid to walk around holding your pants up, but it looks trashy too.

Tip in Total #80
Why do all of the work to keep good hygiene, then blow it by wearing dirty or poorly-pressed clothes? Wash your clothes on a regular basis and iron them if they’re wrinkly.

Tip in Total #81
Dress in colors that are flattering to your skin tone. If you have fair skin, it’s safe to say you shouldn’t be dressing in all black unless you’re going for a gothic look.

Tip in Total #82
Eye color can play a big role in what you choose to wear everyday. If you have blue eyes, you should try wearing blue and green more often to highlight one of your best features.

Tip in Total #83
If you have pets that shed, keep a lint roller on hand so that your clothes don’t look like they are growing fur.

Tip in Total #84
Don’t use undershirts as everyday outerwear. Undershirts are not to be worn alone because they instantly give off the wrong impression if worn in the wrong way.

Tip in Total #85
Wear socks that match your pants: Black pants = black socks. Brown pants = brown socks.

Tip in Total #86
Socks are relatively cheap and inexpensive. So why are people walking around with holes in their socks!? Case in point, only wear socks that are hole-free.

Tip in Total #87
Never wear socks with sandals. This is a cardinal sin of fashion!

Tip in Total #88
In warmer months, wear light colors in cotton fabrics because they absorb less heat, and will minimize your sweat stains.

Tip in Total #89
Sometimes men put the perfect outfit together only to ruin it with the wrong winter coat. So it’s important to find at least one good coat that goes well with your clothes.
Tip in Total #90
If you don’t own an iron, or just don’t like to iron, grab your clothes from the dryer as soon as they are done, and fold them right away. Wrinkles aren’t attractive!

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